Cosmetic Dentistry

A cosmetic dentist in Heswall, The Wirral


Veneers are thin laminates of porcelain which are bonded to the front surface of teeth and can be used to disguise discolourations and correct the position, shape and size of teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a very safe, effective method of lightening the natural colour of teeth without removing any of the tooth surface.

The most effective way is the use of custom made acrylic trays which are loaded with whitening gel and worn overnight. Excellent results are usually achieved within 14 days. Some people may find that their teeth are more sensitive during the treatment; however this is usually minimal and can be controlled with de-sensitising gels. The results are stable for around 3-4years. The whitening may be reduced by staining from tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.


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